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Unconventional approaches result in a trend-setting concept

Even at first glance, the GRW line shows that it has the potential to become the new product model in a direct comparison. It combines an unconventional and innovative concept with consistent design implementation. In terms of function and design, the GRW line completely breaks with the image of a rubber-wheeled roller as a traditional construction machine.

New design approaches significantly improve clarity

In standard rubber-tyred rollers, the operator’s platform and cab are located behind the center of the machine, but in the new GRW line from HAMM AG, they are in front. This also means that they are in front of the engine, which – in the driver’s back – no longer restricts visibility. The space in front of the cab is now taken up by the plastic water tank, which, thanks to its shaping options, ensures optimum visibility to the front, regardless of the seating position. The driver’s seat in the panoramic cab (with integrated roops) can be moved sideways to the outer edges of the machine and rotated using a console, where previously two driver’s seats sometimes severely restricted the accessible space in the cab. Operating and display elements are located on the console and are thus always optimally in the operator’s field of vision. Access to the cab is possible from both sides.

A further innovative solution improves visibility. To compensate for the level of the front wheel suspension with steering, the hydraulic cylinders protruding upward from the frame into the field of vision are no longer installed, but alternatively two wheel swing arms between the front wheel pairs (comparable to the front wheel swing arm of a motor scooter, it requires very little installation space).

Additional optimization potential for the exceptional visibility conditions could be found in the generous all-round glazing of the cab, which at the same time lies lower in the frame. This makes the roller one of the lowest of its type, with considerable advantages for transporting the machine.

An asymmetrical frame structure with viewing channels puts the wheels of the compact and maneuverable machine in the driver’s field of vision for the first time

In a pneumatic-tyred roller, the front and rear wheel sets (each concealed on one side under the frame) lie within the frame contour due to the track offset to each other required for full-surface compaction. In the past, this asymmetrical arrangement was responsible for the ultimately poor overall visibility of the wheel sets of a rubber wheeled roller due to their design and function.

In contrast, the entire machine frame of the new GRW line is asymmetrical. This creates a very advantageous symmetry for visibility of the wheelsets, which for the first time are visible to the operator on all outer flanks.

A further significant improvement in visibility of the wheelsets is provided by viewing channels in the frame structure (additionally illuminated for night-time use). The operator can now also see the treads of the outer wheels of each wheelset. For the first time, he is able to see by simple eye contact whether the wheelsets are sufficiently wetted with water during operation.

The overall package of measures not only gives the new GRW line an outstandingly clear appearance, but also makes it look extremely compact. In operation, the machines are extremely maneuverable even in the highest weight category.

Cabin access ladders with additional function offer more safety – even after maintenance work has been completed

To provide maximum ballast space, both cab ladders are hinged so that they can be folded back and at the same time provide a safe access to the maintenance platform next to the engine compartment. As cab ladders, they are integrated into the outer contour; as maintenance ladders, they rest against the outer contour. As an optical interference contour, they are not forgotten to be swiveled back under the cab after maintenance work. This eliminates the need for additional access ladders.

Optimization of use through variable ballasting, even on site

Sufficient storage space for ballast remains between the wheel sets. The open compartment frame with slide-in modules allows individual ballasting with different media. The GRW can thus easily be ballasted from 10 to 28 tons total weight and thus covers all application options. The method of implementation drastically reduces the ballasting effort: after the cover plates of the side frames have been dismantled without much effort, the ballast plates are conveniently inserted or lifted out through the frame open at the bottom with the aid of a forklift fork.

The asymmetrical frame structure creates a visually symmetrical machine for the viewer

Für das Maschinendesign ergibt sich bei Betrachtung der neuen GRW -Generation jetzt aus unterschiedlichen Blickwinkeln ein überraschender Effekt. Der asymmetrische Rahmen der GRW erzeugt den Eindruck einer vermeintlich symmetrischen Maschine, da die bisher deutlich erkennbare asymmetrische Anordnung der Radsätze durch das innovative Rahmenkonzept optisch aufgehoben wird.

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Engine hood

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reddot Design Award 2010

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