Even at first glance, the appearance and lines of the new HD+ line convey what it is: a technically and formally newly developed, innovative generation of construction machines.

The new HD+ line has been intensively revised and optimized in line with all application-related requirement profiles. The operator’s platform, as a man-machine interface, was also designed and engineered down to the last detail to meet the needs of the operator.

The productivity and compaction quality of the machines have been significantly increased by increasing the tank capacity, optimizing the weight distribution and further improving the driving and steering characteristics of the new generation of machines. Their compact design also makes the large machines outstandingly maneuverable – even in confined spaces and despite their weight. The use of new engines also protects the environment during operation by further reducing exhaust and noise emissions.

Improved clarity – even on night construction sites

The completely newly developed open-plan cab of the tandem rollers offers the operator everything he needs to make his working day not only more pleasant, but above all safer. Thanks to their visible transparency, the air-conditioned cabs offer a maximum of safety-relevant overview of the machine itself – and of the working environment. Even in the dark, this clarity, supported by the installed work lighting, ensures safe movement of the machines. Thanks to the excellent illumination concept, this machine enables precise and edge-accurate compaction even on night construction sites.

Clarity begins with the interior design

Die Übersichtlichkeit beginnt schon bei der konsequenten Innenraumgestaltung der Kabine. In ihrem Inneren voll verkleidet schafft die Kabine für den Fahrer erstmalig und in Griffweite vielfältige Ablage- und Abstellmöglichkeiten, Dokumente können sogar verschlusssicher deponiert werden. Selbst die Stellfläche für eine Kühlbox fehlt nicht.

Overarched pane surfaces create space

Curved glass surfaces not only define the exterior appearance of the HD+ cabin, they also very effectively create space exactly where it is needed.

Inside, the chosen cabin contour thus creates a very generous feeling of space. The load-bearing A, B and C pillars were deliberately arranged so that they do not impair the unobstructed field of vision at the relevant positions. They are therefore positioned at the less „view-sensitive“ points. Despite the filigree overall impression, the integrated metal structure also makes the booths capable of being bumped.

Movable driver’s station console with operating and display elements

On his operator’s platform console, the operator can move through the cab to its lateral outer edges with minimal effort and comfortably seated. The ability to move and rotate the seat and control console laterally always ensures the most favorable seating position for the work process, with unprecedented freedom of movement. All display and control elements on the primary level are located on the console and move with the operator.

Overview through arrangement of the operating levels according to operating frequency

Facing the driver, the display and control elements are always in the driver’s direct field of vision. The division of the operating levels into primary and secondary levels is defined by the determined operating frequency. The concept includes easy-to-understand, intuitive operability so that the driver can concentrate fully on the road ahead. All existing symbols are self-explanatory.

Modular design of the cabin structure and interior trim

For the new HD+ generation, there are two booth variants, a wider one for the large machines and a somewhat narrower one for the smaller machines. Since both cabs have the same length dimensions, a high proportion of common parts can be used from the point of view of production economy. This applies both to the metal profiles of the booth structure and to the components of the interior trim, which are of modular design.

The „export machine“ – reinterpreted through independent valence

In parallel with the machines with closed cabs, the open Rops machines are also consistently included in the new design concept as so-called export versions. Particularly in view of the fact that these machines have a lasting impact on the appearance of the company’s products in many export markets, the traditional appearance of these machines in particular was to be reinterpreted and thus given its own value.

Since the cab itself is a highly distinctive element of this new line of machines, great importance was also attached to an appropriate, qualitatively very independent appearance with an equally high recognition value for the open machines. The open versions are thus an adequate equivalent to the cab versions.

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